Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Lately I have loved sending stuff in the mail. We don't even live in our new house yet, but I get excited when I send something from there. You may think it's because I finally have permanent address (I've been using my parents for the last 5 years) or because I have no life. Yes, I am excited because we finally have an address and yes, I have no life, but I am also obsessed with our new super cute address stamp.

I ordered it off of Etsy a couple of weeks ago. I was so impressed with the seller and the quality of the stamp. I had to make myself wait to order it until we actually closed on the house. It makes sending mail a little more fun and looks super cute. You should order one too!



  1. I want one of these so bad! Why can't I just have a permanent address like you?! Do I sound whiny? Oh well... I guess I am.

  2. Kristin, I love, love, love this stamp! I think I will have to wait, like you did, until we have a permanent address. Yet another thing that makes me excited to buy a house. Your home is looking great. We hope you guys are doing well in Florida!